Things You Need To Be Aware Of About Facet Joint Syndrome

Facet Syndrome is a crippling disorder in the spine and back. Health professionals call this condition joint disease.This issue is usually a direct result of a lateral whiplash during a car impact or any abrupt lateral impact which results in focal damage in the weight bearing joints of the backbone known as facet joints.
The spine is formed by vertebral bodies, vertically stacked and interconnected to one another. In each side from the vertebrae are miniature areas called facet joints.

Facet Syndrome Symptoms
Numerous people determine more excruciating occurrences are at nighttime, when all the muscles loosen up so arthritic joints rub with each other.

Facet Syndrome Prognosis
An analysis of facet joint arthritis is carried out by facet syndrome diagnosis physical assessment, X-ray or MRI.

Facet Syndrome Procedures