What You Should Know About Facet Joint Syndrome

Facet Syndrome is a painful disorder in the spine. Physicians call this condition joint disease.This condition is generally a direct result of a lateral whiplash during a car impact or some abrupt lateral impact which produces focal trauma to the weight-bearing joints in the spine called facet joints.
The spinal column is formed by vertebral bodies, vertically stacked and adjoined to one another. Upon both sides out from the vertebrae are miniature areas called facet joints.

Facet Syndrome Symptoms
A large number men and women note the most painful durations are at nighttime, once all the muscles loosen up so arthritic joints scrape with each other.

Facet Syndrome Diagnosis
A facet syndrome symptoms Diagnosis of facet joint arthritis happens by X-Ray, physical examination or MRI.

Facet Syndrome Procedures